Facial Flares

I woke up this morning to a full-fledged facial flare. My left eye, forehead, and back into my hairline is puffy and hot to the touch. My eye is on fire. If you touch my eyelashes it feels like you are slicing my eyelid open with a scalpel. Even tThe TV screen needs to be dimmed and the sound low to help with the light and sensitivity caused by what some call “Central Nerve Amplification” Not only do I hear sounds and see lights. I can “feel” them in the sense that they cause a sharp spike in the pain in my head and face.  This is the reality of RSD/CRPS.

Luckily I have a few fun things I have been saving for my next flare day…. I accept they will happen and plan accordingly rather than hope they won’t and struggle when they do… Prince Charming made sure we were stocked up on flare day foods like canned soups and easy healthy snacks. Our TV room is the perfect dark cave with the blinds closed (plus it gets no direct sun after 9am so I don’t need to worry about blackout shades for the room. I am cuddled up on my couch with all my favorite blankets and creature comforts. res_1478265214781


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