A year and a half of hell

While I have always had CRPS. I had pretty much developed coping skills to at least keep the barest of the minimum of my needs covered. I ate a lot of PB&J. I lived in a one room studio for years. It was a dump but I could at least pay for it with picking up side work on the days I felt up to it. I was a patient far too many of my share of sliding fee scale type clinics. But in my mind, I was at least getting by.

img_0050In May 2015 everything changed. I acquired another head trauma.  I fell into a pool and hit my eye on the lawn chair.I bruised the bone, had a concussion and it spiraled out of control. By March 2016 I was hospitalized. And aneurysm was found (we now know it is caused by the vascular effects of the CRPS of my head.) I was suffering from body-wide tremors, migraines, a burning sensation on my left into my hairline, convulsions, central nerve amplification with extreme sensitivity to light, touch, vibration, and sound.


Still, to this day the area swells without warning. I have shaved and cut my hair just to stop it from touching that area. The only symptoms we have truly resolved are the tremors and convulsions.  Otherwise, the pain is pretty much the same as the first day it happened.

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