Zebra Lessons


Until you are diagnosed with a rare disease you probably only have ever thought of a zebra as an exotic striped horse… But still just a horse… Then you see doctor after doctor who keeps telling you the same thing… “When you hear hoof-beats think horses, not zebras”… And you hear it so many times that you start to forget that zebras still exist and they indeed have hoof-beats of their own… And like a zebra, which is physiologically different than a horse, you are finding that you seem to be different than other humans… Now that I have my major diagnosis of CRPS and (c)PTSD, I can say with all certainty “Yes, Doc, Zebras Do Exist”

Get your official Zebra Lesson Gear today! 100% of the profits go towards medical and adaptive technologies like spinal stimulators, Ketamine Infusions, and a higher quality wheelchair to provide me with more freedom and much-desired mobility.

Also find That Jersey Girls FAVORITE PAJAMAS for Flare Days…


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