Say no to Surrender Wear!

​Last night a I was discussing holiday fashion in a study group. Mind you the other student involved has managed to try to drag Hilary into every interaction with the class. Every study group, every project or lab… She’s clueless about it too. So sweet but drank way to much koolaid. 

Sweet Girl: I am having all my clients consider white pants suits this year! Show we stand behind Hillary! 

Me: Actually it says “I’m going to wear something inspired by Heaven’s Gate. It screams for the mother ship to end it’s misery on its best day. On an average day it merely whines “This is my surrender wear. I no longer have shape, color, gender or style I have utterly given up on trying.” If late life depression was an outfit, it would be the white boxy Hilary suit. 

Sweet Girl: You’re a racist.

Me: Ok, I’m not getting into a political debate. We all make snarky critics. I did not attack your politics just your style. If memory serves me right you have savagely torn apart my work and I just took it as constructive. I will not argue with you. 

SG: You’re a racist. 

You’re evil

He’s going to get you raped!

He’s going to send you back to Mexico! (Btw Martinez is my married name, and he’s white, lol. Also note that I was not replying. However I finally could not resist.)

Me:He?… Oh, you mean the babadook!?! No! We feed him treats! We’re tight! 

Sweet Girl: No HIM! 
Me: OH!!! “HIM” who shan’t be named! 

Sweet Girl: YOU are so full of hate!!! You need Help. Try health services! 

Me: ” I’m not allowed in health services since they allege that “I licked all the nurses pencils.”

Sweet Girl: What is wrong with you?

Me: I told you I would not argue with you. So, I have a very special gift for you. It’s the last of it’s kind that I will ever have. I give you this my very last “fuck” … I am now completely and honestly able to say “Sweetie, just stop talking. I literally do not have another fuck to give!” 

Now if you will please excuse me but I have a childhood terror to visit for lunch. 

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