WTF Wata!?!?! 

It’s a nasty storm filled day so for me that means it is a high pain day. I spend these days in my pajamas cuddled in with my TV and comfort food.

I love to watch cooking shows out of Japan and Korea. Today I was just happily watching them cook and eat. It was squid. I like squid. It was squid with wata. As the hostess goes on and on about the velvet like creaminess of the aged wata inside the grilled squid.Mmm sounds so good. I must try this. “Oh, look they are explaining how to make age wata… Omg! It’s essentially cured squid feces!!!” 

I am sorry but I am out of words. This is what you can say finally made me snap. Fermented Poo! Omg… Although I do have a great new insult… “Now listen Wata!” 

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