10 things I wish I had known about CRPS/RSD when I was first diagnosed

The Invisible Warrior

10things about CRPS_RSDI remember the very first time one of my doctors mumbled the letters RSD as she tried to demystify why my feet would not heal and why I was in excrutiating pain. The letters themselves scared me. She said it was rare and that I probably didn’t have it. Weeks later another specialist confirmed I did in fact have RSD.   He told me not to read anything online because it would scare me.

Well of course the first thing you are going to do is google right? I know I did. Now RSD (Regional Sympathetic dystrophy) is called CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and still when searching those letters, very scary information is gathered for you to read.  That was probably the scariest part for me was shifting through this information.  CRPS sounded like hell.  I didn’t know anyone with it and the extremes in the disease frightened me.


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