Calling All Battle Buddies!!! I Need you!


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Many have suggested that we set a GoFundMe for some time. But my pride kept that option on the back burner, and I really wanted to earn the money I need to pay for myself. It’s not in my nature to ask for a thing, but then EVERYTHING CHANGED on January 20, 2017, when a group of Black Lives Matter members threw me to the ground and proceeded to trample and kick me.

As many of my friends already know, I have faced many difficulties in recent years. After years of relentless pain and sickness. I was finally diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, commonly called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, an extremely rare and progressive disease with no known cure, few and tiny budgets for research funding. Physical trauma can cause the disease to spread to the newly injured site.

On January 20, 2017, I was attacked, thrown to the ground, kicked, and had my cane yanked out of my hand. I was kicked in the face by BLM Members. I now have broken teeth. My dental work alone is going to cost $10,000! I also have the disease spreading to my ribs. My ribs hurt so much that I can barely type. Thank god for voice recognition software. For over a week following this beating, I have been sleeping, getting sick, or lying in bed praying to die. I have had a minimum of 4 ER visits due to pain, vomiting from my stomach being so inflamed from the kicking. I can still barely wheel myself in my chair because my ribs hurt so badly.

Unfortunately, other then opiates, many treatment options are still considered “experimental” and are not covered by insurance. Furthermore, there is the need to travel out of state (potentially out of the country) to receive treatments. It has, to put it mildly, put a financial strain on us.
Some things the proceeds will go to are:
Repairing the dental damage done by BLM
A powered wheelchair so I can get around by myself thus gaining independence and freedom.
Ketamine Infusion Therapy, which can cost up to $1200/day for 12 days for some clinics. There will be additional infusions periodically after to maintain the effects.
Funds will pay for transportation and lodging for the out of state Ketamine Clinic and other treatments, as well as I will need to have assisted living care for when my husband deploys. I require assistance with showering etc. I am sure that there are expenses that we may not have even thought of, such as adaptive technologies that can help me fulfill my dreams to create beautiful custom illustrations of people who possess rare grit, substance, and beauty, no matter what they use to “fly the Helicopter” ( the term for a chronically ill body). Their personal beauty and dimensional lives are meant to be normalized and celebrated on anything they wish from laptop skins to T-shirts or even metal or canvas! Rather than hidden away in shame.

If you would like more information about CRPS/RSD, please
Help spread the word!

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