Hate Speech

You say my “Patriot Pin”, made from an actual “SAFETY PIN” from a grenade, is hate speech. That it makes you feel threatened and unsafe.

My “Patriot Pin”, as I like to call it, is the ultimate safety pin… A Tactical Safety Pin…The antithesis of HATE. It says  not only am I safe but I will help you. I will protect your rights.  I will even protect your person if need be… I will temporarily suspend my right to life and liberty by laying my life on the line to physically protect you if need be. If that is hate speech then let she shout it from the mountain tops.

God Bless. I truly hope for your sake that you stop looking for percieved hatred and start looking at all the beauty that is actually around you. Assume the best of people. Sometimes we need to take words as they are intended and not how they are heard.




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