Two years of marriage

If you asked me 2.5 years ago if I would be happily married to the love of my life, I would have laughed. Being so ill I had given up on the chance of ever having a normal, loving relationship. Why would anyone love someone so broken? CRPS, PTSD, and MDD are a cruel combo for those who love me.

Well here we are and we have been married for two years. We renewed our vows in October and finally took our honeymoon. We plan to renew again in another 2 years. Our goal is to always be working towards wanting to walk down that aisle together over and over again.

He has never wavered in his support. He has held my hand, slept in ER chairs, soothed night terrors, calmed my worst anxieties and fought the wars raging inside of me. We have been through car accidents, kidney stones, and family issues. And at the end of the day, each thing has just brought us closer together.

I cannot wait to see what laughter and happiness we create together as the years go on.


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