MTHFR should stand for …

What it looks like #MTHFR looks like it means! It is one of those too. But seriously it is a real thing. I feel like a man on death row must feel when DNA sets him free. My testing is not all back. And I still have so much to learn.

Let’s get back to what we do know. This mutation affects how my DNA repairs itself. I cannot metabolize certain vitamins and minerals because I cannot produce the enzymes necessary to do so. This whole thing seems to be the story of my freaking life written in my genetics! Finally a REAL DIAGNOSIS! I’m not crazy; I’m not a hypochondriac, I have a genetic mutation! I’M A MUTANT!!!!!

I have several conditions related to this defect, but I’ll explain a little more about that in a bit about them.

Psychiatric issues.This gene means I do not create a specific enzyme which is needed for my brain to produce dopamine.  Thus dopamine deficiency. This causes a wide array of issues.   Combine the enormous and never-ending spikes in cortisol my mind was exposed to, just one is enough, and I had many. I am a breathing recipe for severe clinical depression and PTSD.  Add to the list the most surprising thing… my constant need to find dopamine-raising activities explained! So for this part of my therapy I am on dopamine-raising medication, within hours I felt a change in mood, and prescription supplements to provide my body with the missing enzymes. I have one more drug to help regulate my sleep as we try to retrain it to learn that it is safe to go to sleep… With therapy, we are addressing stress management and using multiple modalities to treat my PTSD and naturally lower my stress hormones.  I was already hopeful with the success of my TMS, but now I have a little more promise that I’m on the right track.

Spots in my vision found to be caused by toxic mineral build up. We know this because I’ve required chelation multiple times after transfusions.  I’m not sure yet about the treatment plan is for this.

Anemia. I have a form of anemia directly linked to the inability to convert certain B vitamins. So chronic anemia. It is not going to change how we treat it except to change my over the counter vitamins (synthetic B vitamin which I cannot process) for the Rx variety which has a combination of the vitamins I’m lacking and the enzymes I cannot produce. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue!

Multiple SEVERE allergies and many minor ones. Methylation is responsible for the breakdown of histamine. The build-up of histamine results in increased allergic reactions and inflammatory responses.

 IBS is linked to this disorder, but I have not had a chance to read through the gastro reports yet. I will try to update you soon.

Placental issues are the reason I need to have c-sections. I also required blood thinners when I was pregnant due to blood clots in the placenta. MTHFR defect associated with a higher risk of PE. 

We may not be able to cure my genes, but we can certainly change the way we treat the symptoms. For the first time, I see what hope looks like.


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