Are you in a catalog?

In the course of my work, I am finding an alarming trend. Every morning I scan through hundreds of online ads selling women and girls… I know, bright, sunny breakfast in my house. In the course of doing this, I have begun noticing that there are social media links in some ads that are not for the girl in the ad.

I’m learning that it is how traffickers do their “Market Research” before attempting to groom a potential victim. They decide which girls will be the most profitable based on the response to the ads. This research allows them to hone in on the girl that will be the best return on investment.

Of course, there are a ton of other factors involved after they choose which potential victims they wish to acquire that will need sorting out before they can do so.

I implore everyone to do an internet search of your personal and children’s facebook pages. Do not forget to search the same profile on Many ads use the mobile links for social media. Do this for every single social media account.

If you find ads linked to your info you can flag those ads on the platform that is hosting them. Flag them first. Second, delete all the social media accounts of the potential victim. Save screen caps of everything, I prefer the FireShot app for chrome because it saves the entire webpage as a pdf. Save the any and all information you have. If a child is the target CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT… preferably the FBI.

Safety starts at home… Please be safe my friends.

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